Our approach is to return “back to our roots” and explore the functional fitness our ancestors would have needed for survival.

On any given day, a workout might consist of running, rowing, throwing, jumping, pushing, pulling, climbing, lifting, crawling, or any of a myriad of natural exercises. These movements incorporate the entire body and prepare our members for the rigors of everyday life. The result is a measurable change in fitness, performance, and body composition. The best part is—it’s fun!

We foster a community of supportive fitness enthusiasts who often become lifelong friends. Members are encouraged to cheer one another along and push each other to greater heights. Our gym is a judgment free zone, and our staff and members are excited to welcome you no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

While we will seek to push you beyond your comfort zone, safety is our first priority. As you grow in skill and capabilities, our trainers will work with you to expand your repertoire of movements.

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Content Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.