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Account Hold Request

We are happy to put your account on hold for vacations, student leave, or medical leaves. Please fill out the following form prior to the start of your account hold. We’ll review your request and send you a confirmation if your account has been successfully put on hold. Account holds cannot be added retroactively.

Account Hold Request Form

Type of Hold

For Vacation/Other holds, holds must start between today and 30 days from now. Holds should be at least 7 days but shouldn't exceed 3 weeks.
Student members are allowed extended holds for semester and summer breaks. Please provide the start and end date for the hold. Holds are required to be at least 7 days.

Hold Start Date

Hold End Date

Medical leave holds will start today and last a minimum of two weeks. Provide an expected date of return in the comment box below. If appropriate, during your hold, you are more than welcome to sign up for personal training sessions that are tailored to a workout specific for you.